Module Dev Kit

Embedded Module Development Board & Kit

Development Board


  • Two potentiometers for analog inputs
  • 10 LEDs for digital outputs
  • One LED for analog output
  • Speaker for voice output
  • Reset button, power OFF button, mode switching button and user button
  • Temperature sensor and light sensor
  • Rechargeable battery connector
  • On-board regulated voltage output for extra circuitry
  • 2.4GHz duck antenna cable and connector for optimal Wi-Fi performance
  • All pins on the module are led out by header for easy experimentation
  • Size: 4”x4” (10×10 cm)
  • JavaScript source code to demo all hardware capabilities

Development Board Schematic

Embedded Module Development Kit



  • Wireless Embedded Module
  • Development Board
  • Duck Antenna
  • USB-A to USB-Mini-B Cable
  • 1200mAH Li-ion Battery
  • 110-220VAC to 5VDC/1A Adapter


Compatible with:


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