Troubleshooting Guide for Bluetooth Adapter

If the keyboard+adapter do not appear to work with the host, don’t panic. There is a well-defined troubleshooting process as outlined below. When writing to us asking for help, please include the answer to the questions in this guide.

There are two relatively disjoint aspects of the adapter: whether the keyboard is working with the adapter and whether the adapter is working with the host via Bluetooth. To determine whether the keyboard is working with the adapter, the first question is:

Question #1: when a key is pressed, does the green LED blink?

If the green LED blinks upon a keystroke, that indicates it receives the report data. If not then try plug the keyboard into the adapter first, and then plug the adapter into power source, or plug the adapter into power source first then plug the keyboard into the adapter. If still the green LED does not blink when a key is pressed, contact us with the make and model of the keyboard.

If the keyboard does work with the adapter. and you have paired and connected (or you think you have) the adapter with the host, here comes the second question:

Question #2: is the blue LED blinking modest (once per second), or slow (once per two seconds)?

The blue LED shows connection status. If it blinks slow that means it is connected to a host. Please noted that the adapter can only be paired and connected to one host at a time. If it is paired with more than one host, and those hosts are turned on then the adapter may connect to any one of them randomly.

Question #3: in the Bluetooth Device list on the host, is the status of the Adapter “connected”?

This is for doubled checking that the adapter is indeed connected to the intended host.

if the answers to all the 3 questions are yes, in most casts the keyboard+adapter should work. However, this is still possibility that the keystrokes do not show up on the host, or show up incorrectly.

Question #4: press every key on the keyboard. Does any key register an output on the host?

In rare occasions, the