Battery Capacity Analyzer/Tester

Battery Capacity Analyzer/Tester


To control the discharge of a battery to accurately measure its capacity and quality.


Left and right views of the analyzer

Battery Analyzer/Tester            Battery Analyzer Tester


Hardware Specifications:

  • USB 1.1 device, compatible with 2.0
  • Sampling rate: 1Hz (one sample per second)
  • Number of channels: 2
  • 4-wire design to increase accuracy
  • Voltage Range: 1-12VDC
  • Voltage Resolution: 1%
  • Current Range: 0-1000mA
  • Current accuracy: 1mA or 1% of target current. Resolution: 10mA
  • Power dissipation: 2W for one channel. 3W total for both channels
  • Over-power beeper alarm
  • LED status indicator
  • USB current consumption: <20mA
  • Strong aluminum case for long life

Software Features:

  • USB HID class device. Uses Windows built-in driver so no additional driver installation is needed.
  • For Windows XP/7/8. 32-bit or 64-bit. Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 required.
  • Adjustable discharging current and termination voltage
  • Records time, voltage, current, maximum and minimum voltage, discharged capacity (mAh), discharged energy (mWh),
  • Plots voltage-time graph
  • Save data to tab delimited file
  • Battery simulator so users can experience with the software without hardware
  • Green software. Just download and run. No installation is needed so your computer will not be changed in any way and no garbage will be left


Sample Battery Discharge Curve


This is a sample discharge curve of two batteries claimed to be 1100 mAh. Both were charged to maximum voltage of about 4.05V before discharging. The termination voltage was set to 3.3V. The red one was really of very low quality. It only discharged 191 mAh when reaching termination voltage. The discharge current was shut off at that point. It was interesting to see that the voltage crept up after termination (the yellow curve) so voltage alone is not a good indicator of battery capacity/quality. The green one is much better. It discharged 700 mAh before reaching termination voltage which is only 64% of the claimed capacity. Battery capacity also depends on how many times the battery has been charged/discharged and the quality of the charger.

Download software and user manual release 1.5

It is strongly suggested that you download and run the software to make sure it works on your system before placing an order.

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