Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse

Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse (BT-500)

A Bluetooth Adapter and a USB to USB Bridge

Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse

Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse


How it works

How it works (click to enlarge)

BT-500 main features:

  • Based on Bluetooth 4.0 (a.k.a Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) with reduction in power consumption and fast connection time.
  • Works with ALL host types: Apple Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets, all versions of Windows and most others.
    • Hosts must support Bluetooth 4.0
    • Hosts must support Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse. Some low end Android phones/tablets have Bluetooth supporting only hands-free headset but not keyboard/mouse. iOS devices do not support Bluetooth mouse.
    • For Windows: must be Windows 8 or up. Windows 7 and down do not support BT 4.0 See this Microsoft Page.
  • Compatible with all types of USB keyboards including those with a built-in hub (e.g., Happy Hacking, DAS, Apple, Dell, etc.) and keyboard/trackball combos (in that case both keyboard and trackball will work)
    • For keyboards with a built-in hub: other devices connected to the hub will not work
  • Also works with many keyboard emulating USB devices such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, magnetic strip readers and foot pedals.
  • Support of USB mice. Scroll wheel also works
  • No pin-code pairing: does not require a pin code to pair a host
  • Command line interface to customize many features
  • Configurable keep-alive feature: periodically sending out key strokes to keep host from falling into sleep or network connection from timing out.
  • Wireless status LED (Blue) and host port status LED (Green)
  • Power is passed from USB device (male) port directly to USB host (female) port.
  • FCC and CE certified.

Download User Manual (for firmware version 5.2.10) and FAQ.  Also don’t miss the Compatibility list containing most high-end mechanical keyboards we have tested.

Success stories from our users (thanks to all of you). Those are for previous versions of the adapter but still applicable to the current version. In fact, the smaller size and flexibility to use a battery bank make the adapter more suitable for DIY projects.

Double Commitments: (1) We will investigate any case of incompatibility you report and provide free replacement until the issue is fixed; (2) you can return the adapter for full refund including S&H within 6 months of purchase for any reason. If you have communicated with us about an issue, then there is no time limit for the return. The returned unit can be in any condition, e.g., without original package, damaged, burnt (in that case we just need the ash back :-).

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