Bluetooth Keyboard Adapter FAQ

What USB devices does the Adapter work with?

The adapter works with only USB keyboards and mice. It does not work with any other types of USB devices such as game controllers, video capturing devices, audio devices and serial port adapters.

Is the battery removable and replaceable?

Yes the battery is removable and replaceable. The model of the battery is BP-6M. It is widely used in Nokia phones. You can buy this battery in many places like Amazon and EBay.

How long does the battery last?

This depends on the power consumption of the attached device(s). The battery capacity is 1070 mAh. The internal circuitry takes about 50mA of current. There is also a booster circuit to raise the voltage from 3.6V to 5.0V for USB device. The formula to calculate the battery time T is 1070/(50+1.5x) where x is the current consumption of the attached device(s). Some examples: x=20mA, T=13 hours. x=50mA, T=8.5 hours. x=100mA, T=5.3 hours. x=200mA, T=5.0 hours.

Does the adapter has lag?

It is a wireless device so it is not as quick as a wired USB device but users report no noticeable lag.

May I use the Adapter with an USB hub?

If the USB keyboard/mouse you intend to use does not contain a built-in hub, then yes you can use a hub but there can be only one device connected to the hub. This can be useful if the device consumes large amount of current (in that case an externally powered hub is used). In some very rare cases, the device is not compatible with the adapter but is through the hub (i.e., the device does not work with the Adapter directly, but it works with the hub, and the hub works with the adapter).

Can I charge the device while using it?

Yes. no problem whatsoever.

Can I use a power bank to charge the battery?

Absolutely. Virtually any power bank will do. This is a good way to extend the battery life.

When I connect a USB RFID reader, magnetic strip reader or some other non-keyboard device to the adapter, the output is losing characters. What can I do?

This is because those USB devices output data at high rate. It is ok with wire USB connection but Bluetooth wireless is not able to handle that rate. We anticipated this situation and have a throttle feature in the adapter to slow down the data. To enable this feature, enter command mode and type in the following:

> set time throttle 10
> save
> reboot

This will add 10ms delay between each character. You should see the output slowing down. If that is not enough (still missing characters), increase the delay to 20, 30, …, until all characters are output reliably. Setting delay to zero instructs the adapter to send out characters as soon as it receives them, effectively disables the feature.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship worldwide.

Do you accept this payment method (TT, wire transfer, etc.)?

For small quantity PayPal is the only payment we accept.

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