Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard and Mouse: Compatibility

Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard and Mouse: Compatibility

Note: the connectivity issue previously reported with MacOS Catalina has been fixed in MacOS 10.15.6 and up.

Each USB device is uniquely identified by a Vendor ID (VID) and a Product ID (PID). VIDs are assigned by USB Implementation Forum ( and PIDs are assigned internally by a company. You can find out the IDs of a product through Device Manager in Windows, as in the following picture.

How to find out the VID/PID of a USB device

The officially assigned VID of Handheld Scientific is 30A9, and the product ID of BT-500 is 0001. In this page we are going to use VID/PID to uniquely identify each product in concern.

Low end rubber dome keyboards

Most rubber dome keyboards will work. Those include IBM (Lenovo), Microsoft, Dell, Apple (all models), Belkin, BenQ, BTC, Corair (Raptor), Fellows, GigaWave, Goldtouch, Logitech, Manhattan, SIIT, Skiller, and many others, with or without a built-in hub.

Customizable Specialty Keyboards

High end mechanical keyboards (we really have ALL those in our lab to test)

  • Happy Hacking Professional 2 (0853:0100)
  • DAS keyboard Model S (built-in hub but not connected internally. 04D9:2013)
  • DAS keyboard 4 Pro (built-in hub, with volume knob. 24F0:0140)
  • Ducky One (04D9:0201)
  • Realforce UB104 (0853:011B)
  • Input club K-type (1C11:B04D)
  • KB Paradise V80 TKL (04D9:0129)
  • Kinesis Advantage 2 (29EA:0102)
  • MagicForce 68 (04D9:0024)
  • MagicForce 82 (04D9:A0F8)
  • Max Nighthawk Pro X (195D:2047)
  • Varmilo VA68M V2 (04D9:A0D1)
  • Vortex Pok3r (04D9:0207, Video)
  • Unicomp Classic (17F6:0862)
  • Glorious Modular Mech GMMK-TKL-RGB (0C45:652F)
  • G.Skill Ripjaws KM570 RGB (28DA:1301)
  • Corsair: Strafe (1B1C:1B15), K63 Gaming (1B1C:1B40), K40 (1B1C:1B0E), K70 (1B1C:1B13)
  • Logitech G910 (046D:C32B)
  • TADA 68 (FEED:1203)
  • Filco Majestouch-2 (04D9:4545)
  • XMIT Hall Effect (0C45:7908)
  • WASD V2 87-key (04D9:A0D1)
  • Klictro Chameleon RGB (195D:2047)
  • Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 (1532:0214)
  • Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 (1532:0209)
  • Azio MK Retro Typewriter Style (04D9:A0F8)
  • Obins Anne Pro CK101 (0483:5710)
  • Steelseries APEX M800 (1038:1600)
  • GoFreeTech KrBn RGB (258A:1006)
  • Red Dragon K561 (0C45:5104)
  • Massdrop ALT (04D8:eed2, Video)
  • Massdrop CTRL (04d8:eed3)
  • Wooting One (In digital profile, with XInput Disabled. 03EB:FF01)
  • (1209:2301. Works with original firmware. Video)
  • Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. Mouse mode also works (since firmware 5.3.4). (1D50:6122. Video)
  • Massdrop/OLKB Planck (FEED:6060, REV 5 with Atmel processor).
  • OLKB Planck (FEED:6060, REV 6.1 with STM processor): NOT working
  • Logitech G13 Gaming Keyboard (reported not working)
  • Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M (reported not working)

QMK based keyboards

Quite a number of mechanical keyboards are based on the QMK firmware. Those include the Planck, Preonic, ErgoDox EZ, Clueboard, Gergo and Atreus. The Adapter works with most of them with normal settings. However, there is a potential issue: normally when a key is pressed, a single key-down report is sent. When the key is released, another report is sent. With QMK firmware, a key can be configured to send multiple reports on a single key down/up event, such as with a macro. Unfortunately those reports are sent in very quick succession, too fast for the adapter to handle, resulting in lost key events. This can be fixed relatively easily in QMK by adding some delay (like 10ms) between the reports. We are happy to provide support including offering free sample units to anyone who can help fix the issue and patch QMK.

2.4G keyboards, Mice or combo

The following 2.4G wireless adapters have been tested to work. If the dongle works then all keyboards/mice connected to that dongle will also work. The performance may vary since signal has to travel through two wireless connections.

  • Microsoft Sculpt (045e:07a5)
  • Microsoft All-in-one (045e:0800)
  • LogiTech Unifying Adapter
  • Rii i25A Wireless Keyboard + Fly Mouse
  • Corsair K63 Wireless (reported not working)

PS2 to USB Adapters

All PS2 to USB adapter we have tested will work, as shown in the following pictures.

  • Belkin
  • Blue two port dongle
  • Radio Shack cable
  • Y-key from PI Engineering

Below picture shows all the PS2 adapters that we have tested working.

PS2 adapters

Magnetic Strip Readers (Credit Card Readers)

  •  Magtek (S/N 21040140, 21073062).
  • ID Tech MSR
  • ID Innovations VMU-B2-6
  • MSR90 (no brand)

RFID Readers

The following RFID readers have been tested:

  • Mini RFID Reader
  • Full size RFID Reader

Foot Pedals

The following foot pedals have been tested:

  • Kinesis FS30AJ-USB
  • Foot pedal 2

Other USB devices

  • X-Arcade Game Controller (just a keyboard/mouse combo not a true game controller)
  • YubiKey security token
  • Flirc (Infrared remote control to USB dongle)
  • U-hid USB board
  • Big-enter key
  • Boards based on Teensy
  • Boards based on Arduino (have not been confirmed)

USB Mice

Most mice should work. Too many to list. We have more than 100 mice in our lab.

Mice in our lab for testing

Mice in our lab for testing (more than 100)


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